Fashion Week in Atlanta, GA and Connecticut! Designers, Models, Make-up Artists (MUA), Stylists and Hairstylist this is for you!

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New York, NY – Summer is coming and Fashion Week by Longe is ready to usher in everyone's favorite season with showcases (June 2014 in Atlanta) and (September 2014 in Connecticut) to end the season. These segments includes: International Couture Collections, Emerging Designer Collections, Full figured Collections, High School Designers, Accessory, Fashion Industry Networking, Tradeshows, Mixers, Workshops, and more. ( Once again, guests can look forward to the best in fashion, top runway models, and all things chic for the season. Beat the rush and reserve your tickets now.

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Fashion Events -Summer Looks Submission

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Bold Floral Dress. Submit your fashion look for the summer, for a chance to win a free entrance to Connecticut Fashion week 2013 in  Stamford, CT (A Fashion Event of the year). Email us your picture (s) at with a short description. Please include name, short Description of  the look, and how did you create it.

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Fashion Events

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Most people do not know the evolution of fashion week in New York just started only in 1993, yes only 20 years ago!  So how did fashion week become so popular?  Because fashion is a product of modern age and when fashion week moved to one of the biggest city, in a place called; Bryant Park “New York Fashion Week” was Born. Fashion week started in Europe back in 1953 and evolved to be one of the biggest events in history. Fashion week grosses over 865 Million per year direct visitor spending in New York City alone.  The question now is, how to make this a part of the Stamford Connecticut history? As Connecticut embrace on creating a place for Fashion Week in Stamford Connecticut and the challenges piling on.

The average designers around the world can spend up $500,000 dollars to showcase their clothing at fashion week.

When one looks around and think of all the Designers, Models, Stylist, Make-up artists, Volunteers and etc., to put such an event on, it makes you think is this a challenge one should really take on? As Connecticut Fashion Week moves forward we will highlight a list of things to do during the process and comment on the do's, don'ts and mistakes.

  1. Create a Plan (Not having a plan for any event will turn into a disaster)
  2. Find a committed staff and communicate the mission/vision Clearly.
  3. Must Find committed Designers (Designers has to pay for their showcase at every fashion week around the world unless sponsored by a company).
    1. Connecticut Fashion Week allowed Designers to be apart of the showcase by committing to selling tickets. Pro: Designer are happy for this opportunity given they are committed. Con's: if a designer does not pays an entry fee they cannot afford to lose, they don't take it seriously and has 50/50 a chance to drop out last minute, This can bring havoc once heavy promotions is in effect.
  4. Integrate with Social Media and Create Surveys to find out what the attendees is looking for in fashion event showcase. (Help success rates)
  5. Build a proper network and community to increase the chances of having a successful event. ( Have your preferred go to models, stylist, Make-up artist, hair stylist and volunteer on hand).
  6. It's never too early to start promoting
    1. (Social Media promotions is not the answer, it may help but it not the answer.) Look to use places like Groupon, TV, Radio, Flyers, Newsletter, Adwords, and partnership with local businesses. You can also attend other events prior to your event to get the word out as well.
  7. Think outside the box.
    1. If your market your event(s) to the people you know only, the likelihood of it begin successful, is not likely. Not because someone knows you that means they will show-up. People only wants to commits when they see the mass committed. Build a story to get people you don't know involve. People forgets, so keep them up to date with friendly reminders.  "Motivation" is essential.
    2. Offer incentives with ticket sales. Connecticut Fashion Week offers each person who purchase a regular price ticket an opportunity to win a bridal gown (Women) or custom made creation (Men) for each ticket they purchase.
  8. Look to the best for guidance.
    1. Connecticut Fashion week also accept assistance in order to cultivate the best results. (Research how other events similar to what you're doing become successful)
  9. Don't wait for the last minute to get sponsorships or donations for your event.
  10. Always have a "To Do" Checklist.

    Get Tickets to biggest event Connecticut in fashion today! Visit






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Mark Anthony, A Designer of Connecticut Fashion Week by Longé from Kingston Jamaica

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It’s a good Idea for aspire fashion designers to understand the path of others in the industry who boldly forged their own career paths for inspiration. All the biggest names in fashion designs had to start somewhere, and often it was at the bottom. Mark Anthony shows commitment to developing his creative and business skills, persistence in the face of rejection, and his unwavering passion for design, which allowed him to break out and succeed. Now the expectation of great things from the trendy, cool, classy Designer, “Mark Anthony” is simply expected.


Read more... in April/May 2013  (Jennifer Lopez Cover Issue) of Longé Magazine.

Available Here on;,,,, Barnes & Noble and other Locations.


Be ready for "Connecticut Fashion Week by Longe (September 21, 2013)

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Krista White - How she made it as a model

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Krista White, the American fashion model, was born December 19, 1984 in Pine, Bluff, Arkansas. Before her joining to ANTM she worked as a retail manager. They called her the winner of cycle 14 of America’s next top model. She signed lots of contracts with many magazines and studios. She is now with Wilhelmina Models and has a $100.000 contract with Cover girl magazine and now she is arranging to be on the cover of Seventeen Magazine, making her the fourth winner achieving this record. She won a total four challenges. And she defeated her competitor Raina Hein, because the judges thought that Krista would have better chance in her life over the local and international career. She also modeled for top New York designer.

As a start, Krista revealed many things to put bases in the competition. One of her funny situations when she said that she doesn’t want to date a white men, as their pink penis makes her think about raw meet also in tennis instead of owning one pair of shoes she only owns high heels.


Read the complete article in Longe Magazine April/May 2013 Issue that can be found on,,, barnes & noble or her on


Want to be a model for Connecticut Fashion Week by Longe? email us at longemagazine (@) or get more information from

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Stamford Connecticut will be dressed with glamour and excitement with the arrival of one of the most anticipated events of the year, Connecticut Fashion Week by 2013 by Longé.

Stamford Connecticut - Everything is set for the start of this exclusive experience: Connecticut Fashion Week by Longé; celebrates its 4th anniversary this year inside the Longé Media Conference and Business expo.

From September 19 -22, the Hilton Stamford & Executive Center will be the attraction for all fashionistas with the arrival of designers, who will be presenting their exclusive designs and over 1000 attendees and celebrity guests who are expected to attend over the event period.

Designers from around the world, National and Local such as Mark Anthony Scott, Tolulope Ajide House of Styles, Corrine Monique, Brian Hernandez, Milton Saul, Andre Montoute, Corina Vrejoiu, Diane Linston and Ronkia Adebota are just some of those who will be presenting on the runway. Connecticut Fashion Week by Longé will Showcase Five High School Designers (Rising Stars) with Longé Magazine Partnership with Bullard Haven Technical High School in Bridgeport Connecticut.

Discover the Hilton the location of the Connecticut Fashion Week 2013 by Longé. The Hilton Stamford is centrally Location convenient to Downtown Stamford attractions, 45 Minutes away from the fashion mecca of the world (New York, New York), and local businesses with easy access to major East Coast cities, via Amtrak and nearby airports. More than 45,000 square feet of flexible event space, including the area’s second-largest ballroom and meeting space on one floor, along with a climate-controlled tent/pavilion for outdoor events. 484 newly renovated guest rooms and suites, each graciously appointed with the Hilton Serenity Bed® and ultra-plush bedding, a 32-inch plasma TV, high-speed wireless Internet access and more.

On Saturday, 21st at 7PM is the biggest and ending event of the agenda. Reggae Artist First Lady Omeil, Neron Borland Comedian/Actors, and DKNY New York Reps are just a few of the confirmed participating.

That same night Connecticut Fashion Week by Longé will be featuring, from Africa to Miami Special guest star will highlight as a model on the runway. In addition, the Connecticut’s premiere Make-up artist Mandisa Duperval, Hair Stylist, and stylist will be there to assure the beauty and glamour on the runway.

Also available that week, are the different Workshops, mixers, networking session. Each tickets purchase includes a chance to win $500 bridal grown by Tekay Designs, A custom Design Mark Anthony Scott, Coco Bird's 18-24K Rose Gold plated with clear Diamond Swarovski Crystals, and an $80 gift certificate for makeup application (Sponsored by Sweet Dreams)

For more information on show times, schedule and tickets please visit or download guidebook to your mobile device.
Designers and organizers are available for interview.

Please contact:

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The F.A.C.E The Future Fashion Show Review

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Inside Southern Connecticut State University (SCSU) F.A.C.E Fashion Show.

The name “F.A.C.E” was an excellent match as the make-up and hair for the models was done well. The make-up was done by Mandisa Duperval for Sweet Dreams and assisted by Amber Nicole who is a triple threat; (make-up artist, modeling, and stylist). Stephanie Silva and Brandin Jones coordinated the fashion show with assistance from Kayla Glenn, K’la Lawson, Tayler Page, and Alex Rodriguez. Thou, it’s not customary for coordinators to be in their shows, SCSU made it work. Nevertheless, it only leaves the question of the amount of anxiety and work that comes with pulling double duties on the day of an event.
The host needed to be changed; Slay Washington was not funny and un-entertaining, leaving one to think, if this was the reason many people escape midway or during intermission. The stage was left empty for long periods, and gave the impression of not being organized; though it took months, to put this fashion show production together. The favorite collection of the night was “Resort Line” Aquila Yannic featuring Mad House. The Resort Collection was well done, and ready to wear clothing that fit the models with perfection and the only applaud given by Longe’s Creative Director. The runway had collections from Unamerican, IODI, Jean Evy, O, Clothing from Men Warehouse, The blaze collection, Muder$hewrote and China.
The models included and not limited to; Tye Bell, Ashlee Bowman, Stevie Buchanan, Jamarr Daniels, Shaina Donaldson, Mimi Edouard, Jeremy Grier, Eboni Hylton, Phylicia Lilly, Brandon Martin, Shantalle Martin, Valencia Mckoy, Niasia Mercado Kojo Owusu-Ansah, Vania Petit-Frere, Shamayra Rodriquez, Janirhar Scotland, Aisha Sharp, Fatu sheriff, Amanda Sowah, Louise Sylvain, Alisha Wallace, Michelle Williams, Mwamba Williams, Sheborn Woodley, and more.
More in depth reviews, pictures and like information will be in the April/May 2013 Longe Magazine Issue with Jennifer Lopez on the cover. Once available, magazine can be found on, Magcloud,, and downloadable on Mobile devices.


Connecticut Fashion Week September 20-22, 2013 @ Hilton Stamford Executive Center. Designers, Models, Stylist, Make-up Artist and industry individuals get more details at


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